Google removes corona-virus misinformation on Search, YouTube

On February 28, questions about the Corona Virus spread around Google offices. The company was criticized for its handling of fake videos, a large company conference was canceled, and a positive test for employees appeared in Zurich.

In the meantime, CEO Sander Pechai sent a memo to remind thousands of his employees of the important role Google plays as an accurate and accurate provider of information at unlimited times. "You heard me talk about help in the context of big and small moments. This is one of those big moments.

Since Covid-19 started to spread, Google has aggressively interfered with some of its most popular online services to curb the spread of misinformation. This is a departure from the company that relied heavily on software and automation to index and collect information throughout its 22-year existence.

Google virus searches launch SOS Alert, with news from major publications including the National Public Radio, followed by information from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization. In contrast, recent research on the "flu season" showed the website at the top, while another research on "influenza" produced tweets, including one of US President Donald Trump's comparisons to the common flu virus.

The coronavirus has killed more than 3,900 people, out of 113,000 confirmed cases. Carl Bergstrom, a professor at Washington University, said the online platforms were flooded with false rumors and concerns about pathogens as they spread west from Asia, especially in the flood of messages on Twitter. Google does this because it has a deal with Twitter to show tweets in search results, especially for inquiries about live and recent events. "It's really just a very messy thing right now," Bergstrom said.

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