Google Stadia: Everything you need to know (Update: Free tier likely postponed)

Updated, February 14, 2020 (12:28 PM EST): According to an interview with the protocol, Google CEO Phil Harrison acknowledged that the free Stadia category was postponed after its first launch date in February, saying "within the next few months It is particularly painful news for players who were looking to experience the stadium soon but were unable to spend or were unable to spend on the Google Founder Unit or Premier Edition unit package.

On the bright side, in a statement presented to Android Police, a Google spokesperson clarified that existing subscribers will not have to wait until the free full version of Stadia is launched to take advantage of it.

“If a player chooses not to renew their membership in Stadia Pro, they will lose access to the games and discounts offered exclusively to Pro subscribers, but they will be able to continue playing the games they have purchased, and they will be able to access them and a Google spokesman said:“ The Stadia store can access to purchase additional games ".

This means that if you already have a Pro subscription, you will be able to benefit from the free level in Stadia once your subscription ends.

Last year, Google announced the Live Streaming project, a live streaming test based on the Assassin's Creed Odyssey game. After a short trial period in January, the project ended and Google kept silent about its future plans for the game to flow. At GDC 2019, Google finally failed to silence Stadia's ad.

The idea of ​​introducing a new live streaming game (remember Onlive?) Is not, but Google is one of the most ambitious attempts yet.
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