"FUCK EPIC GAMES STORE", Google announces Steam List

Going back to today, you really had to work hard to pull pranks in Google search results by planting Google bombs and the like. These days, now that the Internet has been powered by distorted robots made of clouds, it seems that Google will crawl itself happily. Example: Today, a search for Steam on Google can display a list describing the Valve digital store with the words "FUCK EPIC GAMES STORE" and fragments of broken ASCII art. This doesn't seem to be the result of a hack, a joke, or a corporate war, it's just a robot that sees the Exodus Steam metro user review and thinks "yes gwan maybe that's important" in his vaporized little mind.

My colleague Alice, the Bee, saw that result when she took care of PCGamesN. I'm now in the same office, but my Google store is different, just list category categories. Google may think she is more enthusiastic than me. I am allergic. Or I pulled the cloud hanging over my computer as a result different from its cache.

As VG247 notes, the art of ASCII and Google's successful rackets is someone's complete review of the Exodus metro. The shrapnel is from the side of the large hair with the stretch of its middle finger. Raw gestures are very popular among Exodus's Steam reviews.
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