Google restores Drive File Stream service for G Suite after a brief outage

Google Drive File Stream and G Suite (Enterprise) were turned off from Backup and Sync for Cloud Services earlier today. This service allows users to access files in My Drive or Team Drives, stream files on demand or sync individual files only, a function that saves local storage. Users begin to notice (via 9to5Google) the error "Drive File Stream not enabled for the account" which prevented the files from flowing from the cloud.

The problem was identified by Gash Status Dashboard on the Google Drive service page, where the company reported checking reports and providing updates. The message added that some users were experiencing error messages, high latency, and other unexpected behavior. However, the problem did not prevent the ability to access Google Drive itself, and the company suggested that users who have issues use the web interface to access their files.

Fortunately, the issue was resolved within an hour, with the status page now indicating that there are no problems with the service. However, affected users will need to be re-authenticated to use the File Stream service.

Since the service is down for less than an hour and applies to those affected, the impact on companies that use G Suite is likely to be minimal. If you are a user experiencing service problems, it's best to re-authenticate and check Backup Sync

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