5 best Gmail alternatives for Android in 2020

When it comes to an email client, there is a wide range of options available on a Windows PC. However, regarding Android, we usually stick to the stock - Gmail. Gmail is a great email client for Android, but it does have some issues, because syncing with devices is taking too long.

This is why Android users often search for Gmail alternatives for Android. There are many Gmail alternatives available in the Google Play Store that offer a variety of features. In this article, we will share some of the best Gmail Gmail alternatives for Android 2020.

1- Spark Email

Spark is one of the best underrated email software on Android that is available on Google Play Store. The email client stands out from the crowd due to some great features. It has a smart feature known as "smart inbox" that organizes all emails according to their categories. For example, social messages will be posted on social tabs, business emails on the Business tab, etc.
2- Yahoo Mail

Well, Yahoo Mail is another best email client on the list that can be used instead of Gmail. To use the Yahoo client, you must have a Yahoo email account. The great thing is that Yahoo Mail organizes various things like photos, travel information, documents, etc. in a separate board. Apart from that, the email client also supports popular add-ons like Google Drive, Dropbox, Linkedin, etc.
3- Outlook

Outlook is for those looking for an email client with a great user interface. The great thing about Outlook is that it analyzes all incoming emails and then sorts them based on priorities. Not only that, it also contains the "Others" tab that includes social emails, spam, etc.
4- Email – Lightning Fast & Secure Mail 

Well Email - Lightning Express and Safe is one of the most popular and popular email programs on the list. With Email - Lightning Fast & Secure Mail, you can easily manage unlimited email accounts in a seamless way. Not only that, Lightning Fast & Secure Mail also has a spam blocker algorithm that effectively scans and blocks spam messages.
5- Bluemail 

It's a beautifully designed secure email app for Android that is available on the Google Play Store. The main thing about Bluemail is that it not only supports multiple email providers like Outlook, Hotmail, AOL, Gmail, iCloud etc., but it also has the option to sync multiple inboxes from all providers in a unified interface. Therefore, Bluemail is another best Gmail alternative for Android 2020 you can think of.

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