LG’s latest Android skin kinda looks like Samsung’s One UI

In the run-up to Black Friday madness, LG on Wednesday released a video on its latest version of Android. The LG UX 9.0-powered interface looks to dramatically improve the aesthetics of the UX 8.0 while taking some cues from the Samsung One UI Android skin.
To give you an idea, here's UX 9.0 and takes a single UI notification panel:

As you can see in the comparison, the notification panel UX 9.0 places most icons in the lower half of the screen at full opening. Samsung UI excels a similar trick, all for easier one-handed use. The main difference seems to be the brightness slider in One UI and its absence in UX 9.0.

Here's how Dialer looks in UX 9.0 and one user interface:

You'll notice that the sections below the UX 9.0 and One UI Clock apps are aesthetically similar and use blue shadows. The words used for sections are exactly the same, although the sections of the stopwatch and timing have flipped. Both apps use an oval to separate cities, although One UI Clock brings cities closer to the bottom half of the screen.
Last up is the Clock app:

Even with a similar aesthetic appearance to the One UI, LG LG UX 9.0 looks like a strong improvement over the UX 8.0. Apps have a more consistent look, and it's always good to see a dark, system-wide situation. In particular, the gallery app looks more streamlined than before and provides more space for your albums.

As of this writing, the availability of UX 9.0 remains unknown. The Android screen debuted on the LG G8X ThinQ, although it is based on Android 9 Pie. LG launched the Android 10 preview program in South Korea and plans to release a stable version in the country by the end of the year. As such, we can expect a global start sometime in 2020.

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