Pixelbook Go unofficially breaks cover with an odd take at portability

As the last major Android phone to be launched this year, the Pixel 4 will end by 2019 with an explosion. However, it will not be on stage alone next week and will be linked to what could be the most split Chromebook in the history of Chromebooks. Because while Google goes back to basics to focus on the basics and deliver a more portable Chromebook. But since this most complete leak of Pixelbook Go proves, Google's design decisions may not be compatible with all Chromebook fans.

Initially targeting students and office workers, Google now puts its next Chromebook as a product on the go, hence its name. Portability can mean different things to different people, such as size, weight, strength, etc. For Google, this seems to mean a very strange and simple smell.

The highlight of the Pixelbook Go, at least when it is hung down or up, is this bottom. Google was in great pain to give this part a unique and colorful personality. This not only adds to the "grip" of this Pixelbook, but also makes it perfectly suited to the Pixel family of devices, which all seem to follow a similar "dichroic" design.

Pixelbook Go is also simple in its overall design, which means there are fewer moving parts and fewer things to break when carried. There is no full-size USB-A port, for example, only two USB-C ports for data and charging. Strangely enough, there is a Google headphone jack away from Pixel phones. There is no Pixel Pen to lose and do not grieve. Despite the Titan C security chip, there was no fingerprint scanner to be found either.

The Pixelbook Go specification can be as basic as possible without landing in a mid-range area. It uses the same formula that Google used to make the first Pixelbook work. For some, this may be more than enough. For others, however, the larger 13.3-inch Pixelbook Go may be less mobile than the Google Chromebook and less usable on the go.

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