Google Rolls Out New Features For YouTube, Maps & Assistant to Quash Privacy Concerns

Google has announced new tools for some of its most popular apps, including Google Maps, YouTube, and Google Assistant, to allay privacy concerns among users. Google Maps will now have an incognito mode that ensures that user traffic is not logged once the mode is activated, or that Google does not track search queries on maps. Users can activate incognito mode from the menu that appears when they click their profile photo in Maps. The feature will launch this month on Android, but the iOS start date is not yet announced.

Written by Eric Google Meraglia. In the blog post.

At the same time, YouTube users will now be able to automatically delete and view their search history. Users can set a specific time period during which they want to keep their records on YouTube, after which they will be automatically deleted. "Set the time period to keep your data, 3 months, 18 months, or

Finally, for Google Assistant, users will soon be able to delete their voice history from the AI ​​system by using a voice command. You just have to say, "Hi, Google, delete the last thing I told you" or "Delete everything you said last week," and the data will be erased. However, the voice command cannot be used to delete the voice record again for more than a week. Therefore, users will have to visit the helper settings menu.

Google has been notified that voice commands to delete assistant data will be distributed to English users this week, and to all other languages ​​by next month. Google will also launch a new feature called "password verification" to let users know whether their passwords are weak, used across multiple sites, or whether they have been compromised.

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