Apple’s 2020 iPhones are reportedly getting an all-new design

We're still far from revealing the Apple iPhone 11 lineup, but rumors are starting to circulate about the company's 2020 phones, which are still a full year. The latest comes from trusted analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who claims in his latest research that next year's phones will include a completely new design, the first since the iPhone X repair of 2017 via 9to5Mac.

According to Ku's note, the iPhone 2020 lineup will include three major changes: "(1) the all-new form factor design, (2) 5G support, and (3) camera function upgrades." Some of these changes, such as 5G support, were known. Earlier this year, Ko noted that Apple will offer 5G for all three major iPhone models next year, and that having something as vague as "upgrading camera functions" is practical for any iPhone version.

But the new design will be important because Apple has slowed dramatically from the rate at which new form factors are introduced. The company originally launched devices in the retail label cycle, with a major redesign for a year, followed by improvement of this design - the year "S" - the following year, but this pace has slowed recently. The design of the iPhone 6 lasted for four full years, appearing in the 6, 6 S, 7 and 8. The iPhone X design seems to be following this trend, heading into its third year with a similar iPhone 11 lineup expected to be announced this week.

The redesign details are expected to be slimmer, although an earlier report from Kuo indicates that Apple will adjust the screen sizes for the impressive OLED phones, down to a 5.4-inch panel (compared to the 5.8-inch iPhone XS) on the smaller screen. And the screen up to 6.7 inches on the largest (compared to 6.5 inches iPhone XS Max).

Another report from Bloomberg earlier this week claims that Apple will also introduce on-screen fingerprint technology for the iPhone 2020 as well as this feature will work in conjunction with the current Face Face scanning device for more protection.

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