YouTube To Shut Down Its Private Messages To Keep Things More Public

It's been two years since YouTube first launched a private messaging feature that allows you to share videos using YouTube's live messaging. YouTube Live Messenger aims to improve public conversations on the platform along with a host of other features released on the platform. YouTube has now announced that it will discontinue its original live messaging feature after September 18th.

"We are constantly reevaluating our priorities, and we have decided to turn off the original live messaging feature on YouTube while focusing on improving public conversations," Googler, Hazel, wrote on the Google support page. YouTube Live Messenger lets users share their favorite videos with friends and have conversations in groups of up to 30 people. Now that Google has confirmed that it will withdraw the private messaging feature, it has not provided any clear reason

However, as TechCrunch pointed out, the resolution has appeared because this feature is not used as YouTube had hoped to have. This makes sense because there are already a lot of messaging apps on the web, which form a strong competition for YouTube Messenger. This in turn makes it difficult for YouTube's live messaging feature to spread. Another possible reason is that the feature was primarily used by children who were unable to be active on other platforms due to the prohibition of parents implementing them across them.

Google has not officially released any details surrounding its decision, and it seems that the change was not well accepted by some users who ask why YouTube continues to remove its useful features, which is a bad idea. But this is not the first time YouTube has removed features from the platform. Many other features have been removed including video editor, star ratings, private channels, video comments, video responses, featured content, and more.

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