Xfinity Mobile Now Charging $20 a Month for HD Streaming on Unlimited Plans

Xfinity Mobile is making some notable changes to its price plans this week.
Xfinity Mobile now offers more shared data plans from Gig. Previously, customers had two options: 1 GB for $ 12 per month or unlimited for $ 45 per line per month. Xfinity Mobile now offers 1GB of shared data plans for $ 12 per month, 3 GB for $ 30 and $ 10 for $ 60.

As developed now are "the value of success." The first is a call card from Mexico and Canada will receive unlimited calls to Mexico and Canada for $ 10 per month. Then there is an HD Pass, which will let you stream video at 720 pixels on an unlimited plan for $ 20 per line per month. Shared data plans include the By The Gig HD broadcast.

Last year, we learned that Xfinity Mobile produced 480 pixels of video streaming default resolution for unspecified customers, but at the time, the company said subscribers could order 720p HD at no cost. It now appears that non-specific data customers should start paying if they want to broadcast 720p HD video while on the go.

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