Spam Creeps Into Google Calendar: Here’s How You Can Fix It

Spam is something we are used to in our email boxes as well as by SMS, but it's certainly not the only way we can feel disturbed and annoyed and annoyed. Google Calendar can be used to send spam with ads.slack google calendar

This phenomenon is not entirely new, but it has been in the spotlight lately. Google Calendar spam takes advantage of the default Google setting. By disabling this, you can protect yourself from unwanted interventions ... but there are side effects in mind.squarespace google calendar

There are several legitimate reasons why you want to automatically add events to your Google Calendar. If you have a shared calendar with a friend, partner, or colleague, it may be helpful to automatically add their events to your calendar, and vice versa, so they are updated with each other's schedules. But spammers can abuse the automated extension to send you ads, offensive messages, and more - and you may want to avoid this.
Go to the "Event Settings" section and click the menu labeled Add invitations automatically.

From the drop-down menu, select No, just view the invitations you responded to.

This will prevent spam calendar entries from appearing, but also has a regrettable side effect of preventing automatic addition of legitimate events. Unfortunately, there is no way to distinguish between the two in the blacklist or whitelist, but if you are steeped in spam, you have at least one way to avoid it.
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