Reddit partial outage hits mobile, desktop, comments, and mods

Reddit users had trouble accessing the service on their mobile phones and desktops for most of Saturday morning, resulting in an official response from the company: it has suffered a partial interruption in many aspects of its service. According to Reddit, the power outage was due to the "disruption" of Amazon Web Services services affecting the social platform. It is not clear when the service will be fully restored.

At this point in time, Reddit users found themselves unable to upload videos, comments, and other content from Reddit, although the issue is usually resolved after the content is updated several times. This problem exists on Reddit on the desktop, as well as through the official mobile apps for the service and external mobile applications.

At around 9 am EST on Saturday, August 31, Reddit issued a brief statement on its official status page stating that she was experiencing a "high level of error" and was investigating the problem. Shortly before 11:00 EST, the company published an update saying the problem was Amazon Web Services, its hosting provider, and that it was "working to alleviate the problem."

At this point in time, Reddit lists the problem as a "partial outage", as well as a mobile phone and a desktop. The issue also affects the processing of sounds, spam, comments, and the Modmail platform. Media storage and platform infrastructure are fully included.

Amazon Web Services currently lists three "events" with the Northern Virginia, Cloud Flex Compute Cloud and Relational Database Service workspaces. It is not clear whether these events are related to the Reddit outage. As with previous interruptions, the problem is likely to be resolved within hours but may last longer.

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