Most Google Chrome extensions have barely any installs

A new study revealed that the popularity of Google Chrome's web browser has not moved to its extensions, as most of these add-ons have fewer than 1,000 users.

A recent report by the Extension Monitor revealed that there are a total of 188,620 extensions available in the Chrome Web Store. Of this number, about 10 per cent (19,379) have no fixations at all, while 13 per cent (25,540) have only one user - and the majority (87 per cent) have fewer than 1,000 installations.

Google Chrome has more than 1 billion active users per month.

On the other hand, there are some accessories that can be considered successful. With 13 extensions, over 10 million users: Google Translate, Adobe Acrobat, Tampermonkey, Avast Online Security, Adblock Plus, Adblock, uBlock Origin, Pinterest Save Button, Cisco Webex, Grammarly for Chrome, Skype, Avast SafePrice and Honey.

Then, there are some 10 million additions: Google Images, LastPass, Text, Avira Browser Safety, Rung Rinh, AVG SafePrice, Download Video, Google Hangouts, Hola Free VPN Proxy Unblocker, and Amazon Assistant for Chrome.

Extension Monitor says ad blocking, communications, shopping, security, and password are the most common extension types.

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