Google’s new Android phone feature may help save your life

When you call emergency services, you do not want to waste any time. In such cases, every second is counted, but emergency compression may cause your words to be lost or unable to contact an emergency services contact.

That's why a new feature of Google's emergency services is on its way to Android phones. This feature lets you quickly transfer information about your location and location without having to say anything.

With this feature, you will be able to quickly click on one of three emergency situations while calling 911: Fire, Medical, and Police. Once this is done, the voice of the emergency service operator will tell you about your situation.

In addition, your phone will also send GPS coordinates automatically. However, this feature already exists.

This new audio plug-in will only be useful for people who need to move information quickly and clearly, but it's also useful for people with speech disabilities or those with a particular situation where talking to them is dangerous.

Once you've moved the information, you can always keep in touch with your responder, so this feature has only benefits.

Google displays the feature on the pixel first. Will be landing on these devices "in the coming months", then will make their way to other devices from other manufacturers

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