Google to start indexing individual podcast episodes in search

The discovery of podcasts is a topic you will hear a lot about in the coming months: it is one of the most important gathering points in Spotify and Pandora as part of its audio collections, with claims that it is still very difficult for new listeners to find it showing they are discovering. You will love. But Apple is also working on more discoveries right now, while Google is also making some interesting moves in terms of podcasts and basic search work.
"The company will now display individual podcast episodes in search results, so if someone searches for a presentation on a topic or interviews a specific person, Google will show them potential podcast episodes that match their requests," explained The Verge. "Soon the company will also allow people to ask Google Assistant to play podcasts on specific topics, and you'll find episodes to play them."

Also interesting: For podcasts available in public RSS feeds, Google will automatically create copies, with more than 2 million views indexed so far. All this can be a boost to the podcast you're trying to discover - including those that focus on music.

While we are on this subject, there is a separate news story related to the launch of a podcast called Glow Technologies, which has just raised $ 2.3 million in core funding - including from rapper Nas. Its technology is to help bloggers make money from fan payments. "The direct relationship between artists and their fans is more important than ever, and podcast is the best way to build that relationship," Naz said in a statement. "Five years from now, people will get annual profits from podcast content, and Glow will help make that happen."

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