Google releases final beta for Android Q and changes the back gesture yet again

We are fast approaching the launch day for Android Q, Android 29. Sometime in the near future, we should see an undisclosed ad, an official confirmation that this is "Android 10", and the name of the expected "Q" snack. First, we should see the sixth and final beta release coming out the door, which is happening today. Android Q Beta 6 is now rolling out on Pixel phones now and participating in third-party devices in the coming weeks.
The final APIs for developers have been closed in beta 4, so beta 5 and 6 are related to the prevailing bugs and optimization of the final interface. Full gesture navigation is a key feature of Android Q, and with the release of Beta 5, it was announced that gesture navigation will not work with third-party home apps when it launches, due to lack of time to explore a range of reports that have been reported bugs.

Even with a non-third-party home screen, Google seems to be navigating through gestures to the wire. Beta 5 came with a new gesture for Google Assistant and new rules for developers. In Beta 6, Google says it has "improved gesture navigation in Beta 6 based on user feedback," and now has a background gesture sensitivity setting. The rear gesture includes swiping from the edge of the screen, which can interfere with applications that require horizontal scrolling. Newly updated apps should be designed around the new back gesture; the sensitivity setting should help balance older apps with fast spaces.
Across the Android ecosystem, there are currently 1 million gestures thanks to OEM skins, but Google has announced in I / O that it will unify its Android system to navigate the Google Android Q app. Each third-party device will have to use Google's version of gestures exclusively as part of compatibility With Android (although there will be an option for the old three-button navigation system). With no other options for navigating with allowed gestures, Google really needs to correct this.

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