Google Assistant may soon be able to read and reply to your WhatsApp, Telegram messages

Google Assistant always gives you the ability to read loud messages that are received on Google Corporate Messaging. Yes, you can ask your assistant to read your messages and take a look at SMS and Hangouts. External messaging applications such as WhatsApp or Telegram, which are used by a larger user database, are not yet supported.

Google Now can read all messages from a wide range of external messaging applications. Choose what you want - WhatsApp, Telegram, Discord, Slack or any other application, the assistant can now read the loud messages you receive for these applications. It can even help you answer them without even picking up the phone.Continue reading by opening the next page below
To make this feature work, you'll first need to grant "Notifications access" to the Google app. Go to your device settings, find access to notifications, and switch the button next to Google to allow the app to read incoming notifications

Now, you can contact Google's assistant and ask them to read your messages. Apps will not be limited to messages and Hangouts. You will read the latest messages aloud from WhatsApp or Telegram as well. Google tells you which app reads messages from, and shows the icon to the right, and the reply button to the right of the card.

You can choose to click the app icon to go directly to the chat window. Click the reply button, and you can either type or dictate your message to Google Assistant. It's very simple and handy, right? The assistant will display the reply in a new card and confirm that he or she has sent the message as well.

If you have messages from more than one application, the Assistant will display a group of messages and read them aloud after another. Also, the text only reads and will tell you simply when the message contains an image or a video attachment. So, you can see for yourself that Google Assistant has gained another feature to make it useful.

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