Everything you need to know about Minecraft's new bees

Bees are neutral mobs, and bee nests spawn naturally in vital areas of flower forests, plains and sunflower plains. If the bees swallow the player, he will be left behind and die without drops. Bees are attracted to flowers, collect pollen from his favorite flowers with his friends, and return to the bee nest. When a bee completes her journey to and from the nest without interruption, the honey level in the nest rises to a maximum of five levels of honey.

Players can build beehives of honey and wood panels. To encourage bees to move, silk touches are needed to reach the honeycomb without destroying their house. Bees help grow crops by carrying pollen, and bees can be raised using flowers. They do not like rain and will sleep at night and return to the nest to stay safe and warm.

Using an empty bottle on a cell or nest, you will fill with honey, which can be placed in sugar, but only watch them stutter for adorable.

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