300 Apple contractors in Cork let go after Siri recordings scandal

About 300 Apple contractors who have repeatedly heard and secret recordings via Siri lost their jobs.
Co Cork-based contractors have been contracted to verify Siri registrations for errors and have been on paid leave since August 2, when Apple announced the suspension of its "rating" program.apple remote desktop

The decision came after workers often seemed to hear classified medical information and couples having sex while checking Siri's recordings.

Known as "grade students", they have been hired through construction companies including GlobeTech.

Many were told that there was no work available at the time of being sent home because of "technical errors" according to the British Guardian.
A former contractor told the newspaper: "We were all laid off after the scandal, without any protection against it. More than 300 times only in Cork, without any repetition, only one week notice."

Last month, an Apple informant revealed "countless recordings involving private discussions between doctors and patients, commercial transactions, criminal transactions, sexual encounters, etc."

Apple employs about 6,000 employees in Ireland, mostly in Cork's Hollyhill, where it has invested more than 220 million euros.

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