Oppo shows off ‘waterfall screen’ phone with ultra-curved edges

Oppo released pictures of a new smartphone screen design called "Waterfall Screen". Although Oppo has released curved-screen phones before, such as Find X, the images show how the Waterfall screen moves the idea to the next level by extending a panel farther around the edges of the screen at 88 degrees. The result is a typical phone with an abnormally high latitude, at least when viewed from the front.

This sounds undoubtedly wonderful, although it raises some usage concerns. It is not clear whether the additional screen area will be touch-sensitive or whether Oppo does anything to avoid unintentional access, for example. The edges of the phone also do not have enough space for power and volume buttons, so Oppo will have to find a place to move it. Curved screens can be divided, so the reflected curve may not be Cuba's tea of ​​all.

However, we are likely to see this design on a commercial phone sometime soon - Oppo often advertises the main technology in a prototype as an endorsement of its hardware

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