Israeli Spyware Firm Claims It Can Mine Data From Social Media

JERUSALEM (Reuters) - An Israeli spy company believed to have infiltrated Wattsb in the past has told customers it can access user data from the world's best social media, the Financial Times said on Friday.

The London-based group said the NSO group "told buyers that its technology could eliminate all individual data from Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft servers, according to people familiar with its sales."

A spokesman for the National Bureau of Statistics, in a written statement to request a suspension, declined the allegation. "There is a fundamental misunderstanding of the National Statistics Bureau, its services and technology," she said.Continue reading by opening the next page below


"NSO products do not provide the ability to aggregate and access cloud applications, services, or infrastructure as described and proposed in FT Today."

WhatsApp on Facebook said in May that it had released an update to fill a security vulnerability in its messaging application that allowed sophisticated spyware that could be used to spy on journalists, activists, and others.

The attack carries "all the hallmarks of a private company working with a number of governments around the world," she said.

No one identified the suspects, but Joseph Hall, a Washington-based analyst, chief technology officer at the Center for Democracy and Technology, said at the time that the breakout appeared to be linked to the NSO Pegasus program.Continue reading by opening the next page below


They are usually sold to law enforcement and intelligence agencies.

"The program has evolved to capture a much larger set of information stored outside the phone in the cloud, such as the full archive of target location data, saved messages, or images," the FT report said on Friday, quoting the documents it viewed and the product demonstration descriptions.

NSO says it does not run Pegasus, but only authorizes it to examine government officials "for the sole purpose of preventing or investigating serious crimes, including terrorism."

The group was exposed to lights in 2016 when researchers accused it of helping to spy on an activist in the United Arab Emirates. The National Statistical Office is located at the Herzliya High-Tech Center near Tel Aviv.

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