Hasselblad 907X Special Edition Camera Celebrates Moon Landing

This week marks the 50th anniversary of human life for the first time on the moon. He watched the world impatiently when Apollo 11 and Neil Armstrong set out to take the first steps on the moon.

But millions saw the landing in a black and white video. Although those unfinished frames were definitely burned in my mind, the pictures that were returned are truly amazing. Choosing a camera-Haspeld's medium size models-is definitely a role.
Watch the video here

Today, Hasselblad announced a new camera kit to celebrate the historic occasion, the 907X Special Edition. The camera features the recently announced 907X structure and the CFV II 50C. The 907X supports modern X lenses without a mirror X, but it can be used with classic V lenses, which went to the moon, via a transformer.

Like the custom Hasselblad data camera (HDC) and the electric camera (HEC) stored on the Apollo 11 board, the 907X chassis was stripped. The body is as thin as you can imagine, and when you attach the back and lens, you have a medium digital format kit that looks like the classic Hasselblad.
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