FaceApp security concerns: Russians now own all your old photos

Become a strange FaceApp image filter, which uses artificial intelligence to set your face digitally, has faded, millions of people have participated in social networking in similar simulations, including celebrities such as Drake, Jonas Brothers and Kevin Hart.

However, experts warn that the free "aging candidate", created in 2017 by developers at the Wireless Lab in St. Petersburg, Russia, raises security concerns that may allow them access to your personal information and identity.

The Russian app is one of the most downloaded apps around the world, where social media fans use #faceappchallenge to share their results. This tool increases your face to look double or double for your current life - with wrinkles, sagging yellowing teeth - and also let you look younger, share the sexes, and experiment with your beard

But be careful: FaceApp, which gives you permission to access your photo gallery, also includes, in their terms and conditions, the right to edit, reproduce, and publish any images you process through AI.

This means that your face may end up being marketed - or worse.

"You grant FaceApp a perpetual, irrevocable, royalty-free license to use, adapt, publish or distribute your user's content," said James Watley, UK-based strategist at Digitas. All media formats ... when publishing or sharing in another way. "

This means that they can also use your real name or your username or "any form of introduction" in any way without notice, less payment to you. They can keep these items as long as they want, even after deleting the app, and you will not be able to stop them. Even those who have set their Apple iOS image permissions to "Never", as Tech Crunch points out, are not protected from the terms

Security expert Ariel Heshtad told the Daily Mail that hackers, who are not frequent clients of the Russian government, can record the sites visited and "the activities they perform at those sites," although they may not know the identity of the person being tracked.

But when we give them access to our phone camera, they can "record" someone in secret - they can be a target member or a suitor in the community, says Hochstad, like "a young gay guy." Now hackers (and the Russian government) by proxy) can refer to your face and phone information with the websites you use.

Hochstadt continues, "They also know what this picture is, through the huge database they created for Facebook accounts and faces, and the data on that person is private and accurate to the name, city and other details on Facebook."

Hochstadt says, even if hackers do not work perfectly with the Russian government, with a lot of breaches, they can get information and penetration cameras there, and they are able to create a database for people around the world, with information. These people did not imagine they would be brought together. "

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