6 reasons why your Android battery is charging slowly and how to fix them

The fact is that this problem affects all smart phones after some time no matter which brand they belong to, usually for the same reasons. In this post, we'll show you why your smartphone is charging slowly, and what you can do about it.

It's time to finally put your smartphone under the diagnostic microscope and get to the root of the slow charging problem. The odds are that your phone is suffering from one of these 6 diseases, and we will show you how to fix it if possible.

We will handle these things almost in order to reduce the probability, so we start with the most common culprit.
6 reasons why your Android battery is charging slowly
1. Your cable is bad

If your phone is charging slowly, the USB cable test should always be the first step. It is actually somewhat understandable once you think of all the wear and tear that a basic USB cable passes through during daily use. Many people continue to use the same charger that comes with their devices for years, unaware that USB cables tend to overcome them easily.

USB cables are dropped, folded, closed, left in the car during freezing and freezing conditions, and connected to the inside and outside of the devices on a daily basis. One thing to keep in mind is that USB cables are designed to be less powerful than your device's port. When it comes to prompt payment, you prefer to unplug the cable from your phone port because the cable is much easier (and cheaper) to replace. This is why manufacturers have deliberately built USB cables for corrosion and damage.
2-the power source

If you use your computer to charge your phone, your phone will charge very slowly. Even with USB 3.0, the standard power output is only 9.A (5mA to USB 2.0). Under ideal conditions - any damage to the cable or USB ports can result in lower power flow.

Similarly, if you use wireless charging (or even reverse wireless charging), you'll get a big cost compared to the wall jack. No one argues that wireless charging is not great - it's definitely - but we're putting our heads against physics and safety at this point. Long story short, easier to connect to your phone.
3. Your phone may be out of date

It can be a sensitive subject, but it may be time to upgrade your device. Modern smartphones have processors that support fast charging, and some devices have turbocharging capabilities. If your phone seems to be charging slowly compared to people with newer devices, this may be your problem.

However, even if you have a solid phone that you know you use to charge faster (and not just compare to your peers), the sad truth is things are breaking up. The center does not carry. Hardware decay. The falcon can not hear the falcon, and the phones are not immune to the tensile tensile tension in the universe that pulls everything to the ultimate death of heat in the universe.

4. You have a bad battery

There have been many cases where manufacturers have issued calls to a full range of batteries. Search online to see if your phone model has a bad battery, and see if you can get a replacement from your provider. Also, like your phone in general, batteries become old and other bad.

Unfortunately, most modern smartphones no longer offer replacement batteries. This means that if the cells start to die in your device, you'll either have to open the phone or send it to the original store or battery replacement manufacturer.

5. Your USB port is damaged

That's what we hoped it would not be. If you have reached this limit and your phone is still not charging properly, you may have broken a pin or plugged it into a USB port on your phone. At this point, you must take your phone to a repair specialist. If you have protected your cellular service provider, you may be able to resolve this issue at low or free cost. Take your phone to a store and get a quote for the repair function.

6.Background apps are sapping your battery

Although the screen is the first battery lollipop, you may have some background applications that run in the background and drain power constantly, causing your phone to charge slower. In addition to slow charging, does your phone also feel more battery life faster than usual? If so, this may be your problem.

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