Top 8 Best Apps To Hide Messages On Android 2019

Top 8 Best Apps To Hide Messages On Android 2019

Right now we tend to live in a very world, wherever folks opt for text electronic messaging to start out a speech instead of talking face to face. It’s all as a result of the wide selection of text electronic messaging apps out there for smartphones. Since everybody currently holds Associate in Nursing golem smartphone, developers area unit creating a lot of and a lot of text electronic messaging apps for golem devices.

Messaging apps like Hike, Viber, Facebook traveler, Telegram, WhatsApp, etc area unit meant to exchange messages, however these apps can’t replace the SMS inbox. Most of the sensitive data like authentication codes, one-time passwords, etc. lands on our SMS inbox.

We sometimes don’t care a lot of concerning our SMS inbox, however our SMS inbox contains most of the sensitive data. There area unit bound styles of data on SMS inbox that we tend to don’t prefer to share with anyone or have anyone take a peek at. So, for that, we want to use apps that may hide messages on apps for hiding messages

Fortunately, there are some of the best app locker or text message hider apps available on the Google Play Store that can hide SMS on your Android smartphone. So, here we are going to share the five best app for hiding text messages .

GO SMS Pro is one of the top-rated Android messaging app available on the Google Play Store. Guess what? GO SMS Pro has over 100 million downloads and it offers users a wide range of personalization options. The app offers a private messaging vault in which you can add contacts. Later you can password protect the messaging vault to full-proof future SMS. So, GO SMS Pro is one of the best apps to hide messages on your Android smartphone.

2- Vault

Vault could be a multi-purpose robot app which will hide photos, videos, call logs, SMS from your robot smartphone. Guess what? Vault offers a separate panel to cover decision and SMS logs from your robot smartphone. Users simply ought to import the contacts whose SMS they require to cover within the vault. Not simply that, however Vault conjointly hides the notification of the personal contacts. So, Vault is another best robot app that you'll use to cover your text messages.

As the name of the apps says, Message Locker is Associate in Nursing robot app which is able to assist you to stay your messages to yourself and faraway from curious eyes. Not simply SMS Inbox, however Message Locker will watchword defend the third party and system apps like WhatsApp, Gmail, Telegram, Facebook traveller, Skype, Etc. excluding that, it had been the intuitive and easy interface that makes the app stand out from the group. So, Message Locker is another best message locker for robot 2019 that you'll use these days.

If you're looking for an easy to use robot app to lock electronic communication apps from your robot smartphone, then SMS Lock could be the most effective choose for you. Guess what? SMS Lock will watchword defend the majority major electronic communication apps like traveller, Hangouts, WeChat, Telegram, etc. The app arrives with an easy and straightforward to use interface and its undoubtedly the most effective SMS locker 2019 that you'll use these days.

Well, personal Message Box is another best robot text message locker on the list that locks your SMS inbox with PIN or watchword. the good factor regarding personal Message Box is that it lets users add contacts and it mechanically hides the incoming/outgoing messages. To access the hidden SMS, you would like to enter the PIN or watchword. So, personal Message Box is another best robot text message locker that you'll use these days.

Calculator professional is one amongst the most effective and top-rated robot app which might be accustomed hide personal language. It’s a full-fledged calculator app with a vault feature. The app permits users to feature contacts to the ‘Private contact’ list. Once added, the new messages received from that contact are affected within the appliance. So, Calculator professional is another best robot app to cover messages.

Well, Privacy traveller is largely Associate in Nursing robot message app which might be used as stock SMS app replacement. Users simply ought to set Privacy traveller because the default app to receive SMS. Once done, it'll mechanically store all sent and received SMS. the good factor regarding Privacy traveller is that it offers users a personal box which might be accustomed lock down SMS from any explicit contact. Not solely that, however Privacy traveller conjointly offers users SMS interference and backup options furthermore.

SMS and could be a comparatively new robot SMS app on the market on the Google Play Store which will be accustomed hide messages on robot. the good factor regarding it offers users 2 completely different passwords to avoid snoopers. Not solely that, however SMS and conjointly carries a feature during which it shows ‘no message’ to everybody UN agency varieties within the wrong watchword.

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