How to Hide Text SMS on Android Phone to Keep Your Messages Private

How to Hide Text SMS on Android Phone to Keep Your Messages Private

No doubt there square measure many apps these days that take the place of a universal electronic communication app however yet, several square measure there United Nations agency likes to use this electronic communication service. however SMS is often the {private|the non-public} credentials of the several owner and should be unbroken private on their Android smartphone. however these messages square measure brazenly gettable on Android device and even typically apps like app lock fail to secure this.

So to beat this drawback we tend to square measure here with the way to Hide SMS On Android to stay Your Messages non-public. With the assistance of the strategies mentioned below, you'll simply build your personal SMS non-public from all others that access your phone.

The method is manageable Associate in Nursingd reliable and depends on an app that works dead for this job and might secure your SMS higher than the other app. different apps don’t work on notification space and also the incoming message are often seen by anyone. Proceed with some easy steps given below.

Step 1- First of all transfer and install SMS Lock app from the Google Play store on your Android device.

How to Hide Text SMS on Android Phone to Keep Your Messages Private

Step 2- Now launch the app on your android and you will see the list of messaging apps that are being installed on your android device. There you will also see the google hangout app if you have installed.

Step 3- Now click on round button and the draw the pattern you want to set to the message app.

Step 4- Now at right corner click on settings button.Make sure that Notification Bar there is turned on as this will secure your message being read in the notification area.You can also alter the settings according to your wish.

Step 5- That’s it! you are done, Now your SMS get secured and no one except you can access it.

Method 2: Using Message Locker

Message Locker helps you retain your messages to yourself and removed from curious eyes. Message locker secures and adds a PIN / Pattern lock to all or any your electronic communication and email apps on your device.

Step 1. First of all, download and install Message Locker Android app from Google Play Store.

Step 2. Once done, open the app and you need to set up a new pattern or PIN to hide your messages and then confirm it again.

Step 3. Now the app will ask you to set up an Recovery Email address which you can use to recover the password if you ever forget your password.

Step 4. Now you will see the main interface of the app. Here you will see the all the messaging apps installed on your Device. Select the apps that you want to lock.

Step 5. The app also lets you lock photos. For that, you need to press the menu bar (Three Vertical lines).

That’s it, you are done! This is how you can use Message Locker to lock all your messaging and email apps on your device.

Other applications that do the same work

Well, a bit like the higher than 2 apps, there area unit many different apps out there on the Google Play Store. These apps is accustomed lock or hide the SMS from your Android smartphone. Below, we've listed 3 best apps to cover SMS on Android.

Private Text electronic messaging + Secure Texting is one among the simplest Android apps that you simply will use to cover your non-public text and decision logs. the good issue regarding non-public Text electronic messaging app is that it permits users to send disappearing messages and recall sent messages. excluding that, the app conjointly offers users a non-public vault for further security.

Well, Vault could be a multi-purpose Android app which will perform varied tasks. The app is supposed to enhance the protection and it will what it claims. The app will hide photos, videos, SMS, call logs, contacts hold on your smartphone. Not simply that, however Vault conjointly offers a non-public browser that you'll be able to use to surf the web while not going any traces behind.

Well, non-public Message Box doesn’t truly hide the SMS, however it locks them with a PIN or countersign. the good issue regarding non-public Message Box is that it mechanically hides the Incoming and Outgoing messages and to access them you would like to enter the PIN or countersign. Not simply SMS, however non-public Message Box cal conjointly hides decision logs and contacts in addition.

SMS and could be a comparatively new Android app out there on the Google Play Store which will assist you to safeguard your secret messages to avoid snoopers. The app primarily stores all SMS that you simply receive and hides it with a PIN or countersign. Not simply that, however SMS and conjointly permits users to cover the app icon in addition. So, SMS and is another best app to cover SMS on Android.

Calculator professional could be a full-fledged calculator app on the list which might assist you to cover SMS/MMS/Call logs of secret contacts behind a calculator app. To access the hidden decision and SMS logs, users ought to enter the countersign within the Calculator app. So, Calculator professional is Associate in Nursing app which might assist you to cover SMS, MMS and decision logs. So, Calculator professional is one among the simplest apps that you simply will use to cover SMS on Android 2019

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