How To Fix PUBG Mobile Lags On Android Smartphone 2019

If we glance back, we are going to realize that over the past few years, the mobile vice business has been improved loads. due to the battle royale games like PUBG Mobile and Fortnite that has contributed loads to the vice business. Battle Royale games square measure currently the foremost most popular game for mobile users, and out of all battle royale games, PUBG Mobile appears to be the foremost widespread one.

For people who don’t recognize, PUBG Mobile is AN final battle royale game during which you'll be born with ninety nine different players in AN island. Throughout the sport, you would like to kill different players whereas living until the terribly finish. So, the last man standing wins the sport.

PUBG Mobile is correct currently vie by uncountable users and its one in all the simplest and trending games for the smartphones. However, the most downside of PUBG Mobile is that the lag. though the sport is optimized properly, it still needs a capable smartphone to run.

If your device contains a low specification, then it’s pretty apparent to face the insulation issue. So, if you're conjointly facing occasional lags whereas taking part in PUBG Mobile on your automaton, then below we've shared a number of the simplest ways that might assist you to mend the PUBG Mobile lags.

Below, we have a tendency to square measure aiming to share a number of the essential ways that might assist you to optimize your automaton smartphone to run PUBG swimmingly. So, let’s cross-check the way to play PUBG while not lag in automaton.

1- Update Your Android Smartphone

Well, if your smartphone is running Associate in Nursing older version of the mechanical man software system, then its quite obvious to possess occasional lags, particularly whereas running huge files. computer code updates usually bring enhancements in performance, and it resolves the potential issues by fixing bugs and errors. So, before following subsequent strategies, make certain to update your mechanical man smartphone.

2- Update PUBG Mobile On Android

After putting in the unfinished mechanical man updates, you would like to update PUBG Mobile game. many PUBG Mobile players have according that they need fastened PUBG Mobile lags by merely change the sport. similar to mechanical man updates, app updates conjointly brings enhancements in performance and fixes bugs & errors. So, head to the Google Play Store and install the unfinished PUBG Mobile updates to create the sport lag free.

3- Clear PUBG Mobile Cache & Clear Data

If you've got a capable smartphone and still obtaining PUBG lags, then you would like to clear PUBG Mobile cache and clear information. The lag issue happens thanks to noncurrent or corrupted cache and file. So, follow a number of the straightforward steps listed below to clear PUBG Mobile Cache & Clear information.

  1. Open App drawer and tap on ‘Settings’
  2. Now head to the Apps, and then tap on ‘PUBG Mobile’
  3. Now on the PUBG Mobile, tap on ‘Clear Cache’ then on ‘Clear Data’

That’s it, you are done! This is how you can clear PUBG Mobile cache and clear data to play the game smoothly.

4- Play in Smooth Graphics and Low Framerate
If all strategies did not fix the PUBG Lag on your mechanical man smartphone, then it’s pretty evident that you simply have a less capable smartphone. If that was things, then you would like to line up the PUBG Mobile graphics choices to avoid insulant.

Open PUBG Mobile and faucet on ‘Settings’. On the Settings, head to the ‘Graphics’ tab. currently choose ‘Smooth’ below the Graphics and ‘Low’ below the Frame Rate. With low framerate, gameplay are slow, however you may not face lag problems.

5- Make Changed in Developer Options

Well, mechanical man developers will build changes within the developer choices to repair PUBG Mobile lags. So, head to the Settings on your phone and realize the choice ‘About Phone’. currently below the regarding Phone choice, faucet on the ‘Build number’ 5-6 times to alter the developer choice. On the developer choice, build some changes as listed below.

  1. Change Window Animation Scale to 0.5x
  2. Change Transition animation Scale to 0.5x
  3. Change Animator Duration Scale to 0.5x
Now Scroll down and on the same panel, make the following changes.

  1. Enable the Force GPU rendering
  2. Force 4x MSAA
  3. Disable HW overlays

That’s it, you are done! Now open PUBG Mobile and you will experience better gaming experience for sure.

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