How To Add Facebook Events To The Google Calendar

How To Add Facebook Events To The Google Calendar

The school big Google’s well-known service and app, of course, i'm talking concerning none aside from the Google Calendar has become preferred for several in their explicit agenda. because it is that the place wherever we have a tendency to sometimes add every of the tasks we've got to try and do and don't wish to forget.

In this means, whether or not we have a tendency to area unit ahead of the laptop or if we feature the phone in our pocket, we'll continuously bear in mind of all the tasks or events that we'll have within the coming back days. However, i'm certain plenty of|that several} of you furthermore may receive invites to a lot of events through the platform of the social network big Facebook.

Hence, next, we have a tendency to area unit merely attending to show you step by step a way to add all the Facebook events to your Google calendar. So, currently while not wasting abundant time let’s start and easily explore the total tutorial that we've got mentioned below.

In this means, {we will|we'll|we area unit going to} have all the events organized in one place that are of interest to U.S.A. that we'll attend in our Google calendar. All assembled during a single place so we have a tendency to area unit tuned in to all our tasks and events from the pc or mobile.

How to add your Facebook events to the Google calendar

  • To add Facebook events to your Google calendar, what we are going to do is take advantage of an extension that has been developed for this purpose.
  • We refer to Checker Plus for Google Calendar, an extension that we can add to our Google Chrome browser from this link.
  • Once we have added the extension to Chrome, the next thing we have to do to add Facebook events to our Google calendar is to open the browser and log in to our Facebook account.
  • Once this is done, click on the option Events that is present in the menu on the left side of the Facebook homepage, in the Explore section.
  • This will show us a page with all the events we have on Facebook, to which we have been invited, those that we have confirmed that we are going to attend or even those created by ourselves.
  • From there, we have to click on the Facebook event that we want to add to the Google calendar.
  • Then simply click on the Checker Plus for Google Calendar extension icon.
  • This will open a window with a calendar and a pop-up window with the data of the selected Facebook event.
  • There we will see the name or title of the event, the date, time and a drop-down menu where we can choose if we want to add the event to the calendar of our Google account or any of the calendars that we have already created associated with our account.
  • Now simply select what interests you and automatically the Facebook event will be added to your Google calendar.
  • That’s it, now you are done.

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