Google’s Fuchsia site Goes live For Developers

Google launched a new site targeting developers interested in the new operating system, Fuchsia. Google Fuchsia is an operating system that is thought to be a combination of Android and Chrome OS. Just like Microsoft's plan to unify all Windows operating systems into a single platform, it was designed to create a single platform for all of them.
The current thinking is that Fuchsia will replace the Android parts that we do not see, the basic frameworks that help run the applications and services we use. With the new Google site Fuchsia, developers can now learn more about how to build with that in mind.

The site contains a lot of documentation for developers, allowing them to learn everything about it and possibly develop applications if you are inclined. Google has not said anything about why this site has been launched yet - especially as it appears on the wrong side of I / O. The company may intend to accelerate the development of this project and offer it to developers sooner rather than later.
you can check it out now

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